Your Photo Here Contest: Meet the Photographers

Within the city of Detroit lives another city, the GMRENCEN; filled with shops, restaurants, a hotel and more. The building has defined the Detroit skyline since 1977 with its international, city and riverfront views. As one of the most photographed buildings in Detroit, we launched the Your Photo Here Contest to display the astonishing architecture of the GMRENCEN and its impact on the city surrounding it.


It is said that a photo is worth a thousand words, and these ten winning photographs, now on display inside the GMRENCEN, tells its own story from the perspective of a Detroit photographer. We would like to introduce you to the people behind the photos.


Meet Rick Lipski



A Detroit native, Rick Lipski had his first camera by the sixth grade and by the time he graduated from high school, his interest in photography was secured. Whether it’s looking at something close up and in detail or an unusual angle, his goal behind the lens is to try and look at things a little differently – to capture something that many may often “notice,” but don’t “see.” To discover something new is always exciting, but to rediscover something new in what has always been in front of us is truly beautiful and magical, and that is how he looks at Detroit.


Meet David Marcoux



David Marcoux got into photography about 30 years ago when he was a teenager. He never thought of photography as a hobby but as a tool to capture the hobbies he loves, like auto racing, astronomy, airshows, old architecture and sports. If he was going to travel to see an airshow or spend hours out in the cold taking photos of the city at night or an astronomical event like the eclipse, or a comet – he wants it to be worth it. So, he learned how to shoot pictures in all types of conditions.


Meet Maria Popi



Maria Popi’s passion for photography and architecture has let her explore Detroit, learn about its history, tour the city’s historical places and museums while giving her the opportunity to adopt the city as a new home. She loves capturing sunsets and sunrises along Detroit’s skyline.


Meet Christopher Hollis



Christopher Hollis was born and raised on the west side of Detroit and has lived here for most of his life. According to Hollis, “There’s no other place like it. The people, the cars, the city just feels alive. I’m proud to call myself a Detroiter.”  The GMRENCEN has always been one of his favorite main subjects because it’s so unique and has a certain allure. He says, “All roads seem to lead here.”


Meet Gary Washington



Detroit is where Gary Washington started his journey as a photographer. This is where he learned to adapt to different environments no matter what the circumstances. Washington says, “Detroit has weathered many storms over the years, but nothing keeps this city down. I am always amazed at the perseverance and resilience that drives Detroiters, it’s the same spirit that keeps my fire burning to the very end.”


Meet Suzann Braun



Suzann Braun was born and raised in Detroit. She has worked downtown for over 20 years and enjoys exploring and photographing the city. Suzann has a photo gallery of her work on Instagram under the account name “suzannisuzanni.”


Meet Lou Peeples



Lou Peeples grew up in the Detroit area, raised his family here and has seen it during the good times and bad. Over the years, he’s used his photography to capture the beauty of Detroit’s landscapes. Most of his photos are captured before sunrise, because things are quiet, giving him a more personal connection with the city. As old buildings are brought back to life and new buildings change the city’s skyline, he looks forward to capturing the city in a positive way and showing them on his website,


Meet Mark McClelland



Mark McClelland has lived in the Detroit area since 2008. He believes that Detroit is a unique place that stands at a unique point in history and thinks it’s important to have a record of this era in the city’s history. McClelland strives to document the city in a way that acknowledges all those who call Detroit home and all aspects of the city, while realizing that no record of such a varied and vibrant place will ever be fully complete. This photo is placed here in memory of Philip McClelland.


Meet Donald Anson



Donald Anson is from Redford Township and has been taking photos for the last twenty years. He enjoys taking shots of cityscapes, landscapes and everything in between. This image was shot on a beautiful day in Detroit from a sailboat going down the Detroit River. The image was converted to black and white to give it a futuristic look of the Renaissance Center and the Detroit skyline.


Meet Evans Tasiopoulos



Evans Tasiopoulos was born in raised in Detroit. His creative vision is to document the growing city and show that Detroit is more than just a city of abandoned buildings and decay. Tasiopoulos says, “It is truly a city of life and grandeur.” Through his lens, he conveys his endearment for his community and the wonders that he encounters along the way. His philosophy is that a photograph is more than just a picture, but is a moment caught in time; that the image itself is a living breathing entity.


Make sure to visit the GMRENCEN to see the photographs and read the full biographies in person. The winning photographs from the Your Photo Here Contest are on display in Tower 200 and 400 on Level 1 of the GMRENCEN. Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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