Wildlife Conservation at the GMRENCEN

If you’re curious about Michigan’s different birds, rock varieties and even our bats – the Wildlife Conservation program at the GMRENCEN was made just for you.


Here at the GMRENCEN we want to increase our connection to the great outdoors and continue helping the environment through our partnership with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.



The Wildlife Conservation program launched at the GMRENCEN in 2005, after we received a Wildlife at Work certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council. In order to keep our certification and our commitment to environmental stewardship, we work with the DNR to share educational information about wildlife preservation with our tenants and visitors.


The Michigan Department of Natural Resources display in the Wintergarden shares information about bird conservation and some of the unique species they work to protect. The Wildlife Conservation program in the GMRENCEN runs every Tuesday and Thursday through August 10.

Other Programs

In addition to their Wildlife Conservation program, the DNR offers plenty of other educational activities for all ages. The Hook, Line and Sinker program teaches kids in the Metro Detroit area how to fish and goes along with a general focus of the DNR to give Metro Detroit kids exposure to the great outdoors. The DNR is committed to helping kids of today and tomorrow enjoy what makes our state so special.



Preserving the wildlife not only preserves the beauty of our state, but also plays a role in helping the environment. Each animal plays a vital role in an intertwined ecosystem. Birds help us with pesticide control, insect and rodent control, seed dispersal, and pollination – not to mention our stunning wildlife make a great tourist attraction. The GMRENCEN is committed to preserving our environment so we work with the DNR to help educate our tenants and visitors on the importance of preservation.



Many people who have vastly different hobbies can enjoy Michigan’s ravishing beauty; conservation needs to be a top priority of our state to ensure future generations enjoy what we have. Conservation starts with all of us becoming more knowledgeable on everything from recycling to hunting and fishing. The DNR has the interests of us all in mind, so go find out more about how you can help!


Visit the DNR table in the Wintergarden to learn more and for more information on their programs go to www.michigan.gov/natureprograms

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