Vote for Your Favorite GMRENCEN Photos

Vote for your favorite photo


Scroll all the way down to select your favorite photographs in the Your Photo Here Contest! We received hundreds of photos over the last month, and though we think every photo of the GMRENCEN is spectacular, we need your help determining which photos should be displayed inside the building.


We were overwhelmed with the large amount of submissions we originally received and wish we could display them all in the building. Unfortunately, we can’t share all of them so we narrowed down the more than 400 submissions for this second phase of the contest. Scroll through the 99 photographs here and the photographs with the most votes will win. Voting ends on Tuesday, Dec. 5, so be sure to get your votes in quickly.


Winning photographers will receive photo credit for the image, and their photos will feature a 150-word ‘About the Artist’ biography next to the image.


These are just a few of the photographs we’ve received; sunset and sunrise, winter and summer and everything in between.


Photo by Evans Tasiopoulos


Photo by Nadir Ali


Photo by Malena Fryar


Photo by Wade Bryant




Photo by Suzann Braun



Photo by Alanna St Laurent



Photo by Mike Boening


We clearly have our hands full trying to decide which photos of the GMRENCEN should win. Which photograph of the GMRENCEN do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments and be sure to vote!



21 thoughts on “Vote for Your Favorite GMRENCEN Photos

  1. 1. Photo by Nadir Ali
    2. Photo by Wade Bryant
    3. Photo by Mike Boening
    4. Photo by Alanna St Laurent

    I am voting for the photo taken by Nadir Ali as the best then Wade, then Mike then Alanna

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