Tenant Profile: Gourmet Deli

Gourmet Deli is a haven for classic deli lovers! The all-inclusive deli features a salad bar overflowing with fresh greens, at least six original soups that rotate daily and a made-to-order sandwich line where you can build a sandwich out of your wildest imagination.


Guests can enjoy Gourmet Deli between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., located at the base of Towers 500 and 600 in the GMRENCEN. From yogurt in the morning to gourmet-dinner sandwiches, this restaurant has everything you need.


Meet the Owner



Pete Solaka has owned Gourmet Deli since 2007 and ten years later, he thinks he owns much more than a deli, rather a community. He credits his employees as being the reason customers come back again and again.


“We have the same staple guests that come by every morning, or every afternoon, or every Friday, whenever it is. Our amazing team greets customers by name, know our regulars’ orders and are friendly and kind to the new customers,” Solaka said.


Fresh Produce



Solaka also considers Gourmet Deli to fit the perfect niche inside the GMRENCEN. He believes the keys to owning a successful business are premium quality and service. Gourmet Deli sources all of its ingredients from Detroit and the greater Southeast Michigan area, and receives daily fruit, vegetable and meat deliveries. Fresh ingredients are at the heart of this business.



“We know what we do is really good, and because of that we don’t feel the need to over expand our menu and try a bunch of different things. We stick with what we’re good at, and what we know,” Solaka said.


Ordered Just for You


In case Gourmet Deli somehow doesn’t have something you want, you can just ask Solaka to order it and you’ll soon see it on the shelves inside. Whatever the latest food-item trend is, Solaka is happy to provide it to customers. He said he’s gone as far as seeking new suppliers to bring Argo tea, or Better Made chips into the store.



We know we can’t get enough of Gourmet Deli’s hearty sandwiches, endless salad bar and delicious soups.


What’s your favorite sandwich from Gourmet Deli? Let us know in the comments!

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