Tenant Profile: Ashley’s Flowers

What says “thinking of you” more than fresh bouquets of beautiful flowers? Not much! Stop by Ashley’s Flowers in the Millender Center to buy gorgeous flowers before any big holiday or life event.


Ashley’s Flowers is located on Level 2 of the Millender Center, directly on the street level. You can stop by from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays or from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, to buy the perfect bouquet, or shop online at any time.


Ashley is offering a 10 percent Valentine’s Day discount on orders placed between Feb. 5 and Feb. 10.


The Bouquets



Ashley’s Flowers owner, Ashley Alexander, crafts each bouquet from fresh flowers and from the heart. She orders flowers from California, Costa Rica and Guatemala to make sure each arrangement is unique, beautiful and rare. Ashley once created artificial bouquets with silk flowers but has since given that up, preferring real flowers.


“My favorite part of owning this business is when the flowers arrive at my shop. I lay them all out and get to imagine all of the different bouquets and arrangements that are possible. I love it when different flowers come in because of the changing seasons and new flowers,” Ashley said.


The Business



Ashley has owned and operated Ashley’s flowers out of the Millender Center for more than 25 years, an accomplishment she’s proud of. She credits money-crunching and sometimes having to put her business before her personal life as keys to success.


Ashley also enjoys the direction communication with customers that comes with owning a small business. Ashley takes flower orders from customers, works with them to craft a beautiful arrangement and arranges the finished piece herself. The only part that she doesn’t do is deliver them, she said.


She’s been a constant in many of her client’s lives so much she feels like she’s grown up with them.


“Some of my first clients were young adults when I first got started. They were buying flowers to surprise their partner, and I’ve seen them through bouquets for weddings, children’s birthdays, anniversaries and even now parents’passing,” Ashley said. “We’ve been through it all together.”



So whether it’s Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or a birthday, stop by Ashley’s flowers to get a custom arrangement!


Have you ordered flowers from Ashley’s flowers before? Let us know what you liked about them in the comments.

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