Pics with the GMRENCEN: How Strong Is Your Selfie Game?

Selfies have become an art form. It’s all about the best angle, background and facial expression. And the best background in Detroit – the GMRENCEN. (Okay, yes we may be a bit biased. But come on, it’s the tallest building in Michigan!)

We’re challenging Detroiters and visitors alike to show us their best selfie with the GMRENCEN and post them on our website. And if being featured on a major landmark’s website wasn’t enough, we’re also selecting monthly winners to receive one of the following prizes:


June—$200 Coach Insignia Gift Card

July—$200 Joe Muer Gift Card

August—$200 Andiamo Gift Card

September—$200 Granite City Gift Card


Winners are selected at random, but since we all want our selfies to be unique, different and stand out we thought we’d give you a look at what you’re up against.


Brian C.

“We live in Florida but visit the Ren Cen every year and patronize all the midtown happenings.”

Offerpop_Brian C. Website Upload





Tina Yoga



John F.


“Walleye fishing on the Detroit River with my son and daughter.”




Cosmic Groove


“Sound checking at Rockin’ on the Riverfront.”

Offerpop_Cosmic Groove_Karla Kamm_Frank J




Ariel P.

“I love the GMRENCEN from a distance, but keep it close to my heart at all times. I’m currently studying at Michigan College of Optometry to pursue my dream of becoming a primary care optometrist, serving the Detroit area. My ultimate goal is to work in the Henry Ford Optimeyes inside the Renaissance Center, and provide professional and personalized eye care to the greatest citizens I know – Detroitians. While I spend most of my months away at school, I keep reminders of my ultimate goal close by during every day of my life. These stickers have decorated my car, my dream board, my work space in clinic, and as seen here, my daily planner – a necessity for every medical student. To me, the GMRENCEN isn’t just a building – it houses my goals, dreams, and aspirations. Keeping a tangible reminder of it allows me to pursue the hardships that are optometry school, and know that in the end, my degree isn’t for me, but is for serving the people of Detroit.”

Offerpop_Ariel Pscheidl






Sharon B.


“Detroit Coach Insignia Night Skyline, I Dine Detroit”

Offerpop_Sharon Brownlee Detroit Coach Insignia Night Skyline, I Dine Detroit







"I put on for my city …" #ReflectingDetroit #GMRenCen #Detroit

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Sunny K.

“Feeling comfortable in a GM car”

Offerpop_Sunny Katyal Feeling Comfortable in a GM Car





#reflectingdetroit #rencen #GM #missingspringalready

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Join the Detroit selfie squad by uploading your photo with the GMRENCEN here or tag it with #ReflectingDetroit on Twitter and Instagram.


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