Ouizi Mural Blossoms inside the GMRENCEN

Detroit-transplant Ouizi has been making a name for herself since she moved to the city in 2014. As a now-established artist in Detroit, her art has spread like weeds throughout the city. What she paints though, is much more beautiful.


Ouizi is known for her sweeping brush-stroke floral paintings and the GMRENCEN is lucky enough to have one inside the building. You can find Ouizi’s pink-flower mural inside the GMRENCEN-Starbucks on Level 2, next to the United States Postal Office and Edible Arrangements. Have you seen it already?


About Ouizi



Louise Jones paints under the name “Ouizi” (pronounced wee-zeh) and moved from Los Angeles to Detroit in 2014, now calling the city home. Ouizi’s street-art offers close up views of detailed floral arrangements and patterns, often looking like a wrap around a building.


The 29-year-old artist began painting when she was a child and has been evolving her craft ever since. Ouizi’s painting technique of large brush strokes has been heavily influenced by her Chinese-American culture, specifically integrating Chinese calligraphy into her murals. She equates her murals to writing a story or reading a short story.


In the City



Chances are you’ve probably seen Ouizi’s murals in the city before. She has two adjacent murals in Eastern Market, and she is closely associated with the farmer’s market because of it. Ouizi even designed the official poster for the 50th anniversary of Eastern Market’s popular Flower Day in 2017.


She also has outdoor works along the Dequindre Cut, on Agnes Street in West Village, and on the corner of Michigan and Junction in Southwest Detroit. Indoors, you can find her work at Astro Coffee, Craft Work, Red Hook Coffee, Chartreuse, and of course our own GMRENCEN-Starbucks.


Ouizi also has a nine-wall, three-story high mural collection at the Grand Rapids Ballet. Nationally, you can find her work between Atlanta, Brooklyn, Chicago and Hawaii.



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