National Rosé Day

Pop into a GMRENCEN store to pop open a bottle of rosé! National Rosé Day is around the corner, and the GMRENCEN is ready to celebrate! Pop open a bottle of rosé from your favorite GMRENCEN store on June 9 to take part in the celebration. National Rosé Day is observed annually on the second Saturday in June.


Is Rosé White or Red Wine?



Rosé wines are generally made from red grapes and are versatile wines that can complement many types of food. Most rosé wines are made through maceration, where red grapes are crushed and the juice is left in contact with the skin. However, the skins are only left to soak for a limited amount of time; depending on the desired style of rosé, this can take anywhere between two to 48 hours. The longer the maceration, the darker and more richly flavored the rosé. The juice is then drawn off the skins and fermentation begins.


You can purchase rosé wines that are semi-sparkling or sparkling, along with different intensity levels of sweetness or dryness depending on which grapes are used in the process.


Relax with Rosé



The GMRENCEN has several fabulous patios that you can sit back and relax on with a glass of rosé. Our fine dining locations – Joe Muer, Andiamo Detroit Riverfront and Granite City Food  and Brewery – all have wonderful patios with sweeping views and delicious rosé wines. Cheers to sitting in the sun with a bottle on Saturday!


Where Can I Buy Rosé in the Building?



Several GMRENCEN stores sell rosé in the building so you can stock up to celebrate.


Calumet Market and Spirits


Calumet Market and Spirits hand selects each and every wine that they bring into their store. Find rosé wines from Michigan, the U.S. and Europe when you step inside Calumet.


City Market


City Market, in the Millender Center, has a wide assortment of all kinds of wines! Choose from a variety of brands that all specialize in rosé.


Andrew’s Downtown Detroit


Andrew’s Downtown Detroit market, also in the Millender Center, has several rosé options available. They’re all delicious and Andrew’s prime location is perfect for grabbing a bottle on the go before Saturday rolls around.




CVS has all the rosé you could ever want! As a national chain store, CVS carries popular brands that have tried and true rosé lines. You’ll love any, and all, of the rosé options!


Whichever store you head to, you won’t be disappointed. How are you celebrating National Rosé Day? Let us know in the comments! Cheers!

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