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“It has been the single most important reason for my success,” says Ray Dalio, Founder of Bridgewater Associates, one of the largest hedge funds in the world. His “key” to success is something many would not expect.


Doing nothing? Yes, the billionaire says. Meditation has been a distinct driver of his great achievements. And there are countless success stories just like his, which is why meditation is quickly becoming an offering Detroit companies provide their employees. So, they can stay competitive. And it makes sense. What do you think happens when you have a company full of people as focused, productive and driven as Ray Dalio? You make more money.


We, Detroit-based startup MeditationWorks, realized this in 2015 but knew businesses wouldn’t implement meditation unless it was inexpensive and simple. So, we created the first ever mobile meditation studio!


We pull our mobile meditation studio right up to your company’s doorsteps and supply quick 10-minute guided meditation sessions for groups of employees on a weekly basis.


Fun fact, MeditationWorks does a free first session for companies in Metro Detroit and you can apply yours for one here.



What is it that makes meditation so attractive to Detroit corporations like Magna, Doner, Rock Ventures and the Mike Morse Law Firm, among others? Here are four no fluff ways meditation improves a business’ bottom line:


1. Meditation increases employee productivity and focus


In today’s day and age, lack of productivity and turnover are HUGE expenses for companies. Think about it. One minute, you’re compiling a report for your boss and then all of the sudden, you get a text from your friend asking about dinner. You answer, and then five minutes later you realize you’re still on your phone because an Instagram notification sucked you into your feed. It is becoming more and more apparent that technology and connectivity have been counterproductive in terms of our productivity. Meditation is a proven practice to help people improve focus, increase productivity, and stay on track in our world of distractions. Increased productivity = more output and efficiency = more revenue.


“Since I’ve been meditating, I not only get more done than I used to, but I also make fewer mistakes. That’s the ultimate stress reduction for me! Honestly, the 15-minute break has given me hours back in my day.” – Nate Segall, Director of Special Projects at Rock Ventures LLC


The proof: Aetna reportedly saw employees gain 62 more minutes per week in productivity (an estimated $3,000/employees per year) after implementing meditation with their staff.



2. Meditation increases employee compassion


Companies try so hard to create “great cultures” and happy work environments, but when you really think about it, a good culture is defined by one simple thing: relationships. AKA, do your employees enjoy working with each other? Meditation significantly increases an individual’s compassion. Good culture = less turnover = less expenses.


The proof: A study by Northeastern University found that people who meditate were 50 percent more likely to help another person.


3. Meditation decreases healthcare costs


It’s a logical thought process. If employees meditate and are more aware of how they are feeling, they are more aware of their health and the choices they make, which is why people who meditate tend to improve/maintain their health. Healthier employees = lower health care costs.


“I went into a meditation session with a horrible headache and left feeling amazing. This stuff really works.” – MeditationWorks participant at Motor City Casino


The proof: Back to the Aetna study, they found that implementing meditation decreased their health care claims by 7 percent, or $9 million.



4. Meditation increases an employee’s emotional control


Work is hard and stressful. It always will be. However, we make the choice of how we react to this stress. Meditation is a proven way to decrease reactivity, both towards emotions and situations. Less reactivity = less mistakes = less expenses.


The proof: Alak Vasa, a former Trader at Goldman Sachs and Founder of Element Truffles, said, “There was this one instance where the market tanked and there was panic on the desk. The trading desk was an organized riot. Thanks to my meditation practice, I was able to keep my composure and propose solutions to reduce the impact of the market crash.” There have been studies that show meditation decreases anxiety, which allows people to be more in control of their emotions during intense situations.


Want MeditationWorks at your company?


If you live in the Detroit area, MeditationWorks makes it very easy and inexpensive for you to implement mindfulness meditation training in your workplace.  Again, we offer companies a free first session and you can apply yours for one here.


The bottom line is that pizza parties, pool tables, 50 percent off gym memberships and kegs in the office rarely influence an individual’s wellness. So, to be straight forward, stop wasting your money and invest in a wellness effort that Ray Dalio would confidently tell you offers the best return on your investment: meditation.

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