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Renaissance Salon has proudly styled Detroiters and those who work inside the GMRENCEN since 2003. Don’t need a haircut? Schedule an appointment for a manicure, pedicure, hot stone massage or a makeup and skincare appointment. The salon is located on Level A, next to Andiamo and the Wintergarden.


Meet the Owner



Christina Pentecost owns and manages the Redken-affiliated salon, taking over the business more than nine years ago. In the past decade, Detroit has experienced a nearly 180-degree turnaround, which Christina says is an exciting change for all business-owners in Detroit. About half of Renaissance Salon’s clients work in the building and the other half are Detroit residents.


Shared Learning



“We’re always striving to work together to share tips at Renaissance Salon,” said Christina. “Between the hair dressers, nail technicians and barbers here, we have an ‘each one, teach one’ attitude where we’re only as good as the next employee. It’s not a competitive atmosphere here.”


Christina’s staff also participates in monthly trainings where they practice the latest hair trends and test the newest hair products, and where much of the ‘each one, teach one’ attitude is applied.


Client Comfort



Focusing on client comfort, Christina and her team aim to make each appointment feel like a getaway. Clients can come to relax for an hour while being pampered, taking a break from a stressful day. Christina says most haircuts take 45 minutes to an hour and nail appointments are usually 45 minutes.


“We want everyone to leave here relaxed and ready to take on the workday. Our goal is to make them feel good,” she said.


Beauty Tips




Christina shared several beauty tips with us, especially with the dry winter approaching:


  • Go to the Renaissance Salon for deep conditioning treatments every two weeks. Deep conditioning treatments help smooth the cuticle making hairs lay down which gives your hair a smoother, shinier and healthier appearance. It’s also valuable because it minimizes any damage that could be done to your hair in the future.


  • Consider a Brazilian Blowout if you have frizzy hair. Brazilian Blowouts leave your hair totally frizz-free, shiny, manageable and with plenty of body and bounce. Christina recommends you get one every two to three months.


  • Use lotion or paraffin wax to hydrate your skin, especially with the arid winter weather. Christina says it’s imperative to be proactive when hydrating your hands and feet to protect them from the weather.


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