Innovation Lives at GM World

GM World is open and ready for business! The new showroom spans across all concourse levels in the public area and features new General Motors vehicles, creative meeting spaces, interactive displays and so much more. The updated space reflects GM’s innovative brands, products, technologies and services in ways it couldn’t before.


Digital Screens



The gigantic and impressive digital screens in GM World make you feel like you’re in the video. Some large statistics: the 5,000 square feet of screens equal the size of two full-size tennis courts and weigh more than 40,000 pounds, which is roughly the size of a Greyhound bus. More than 300 HDMI cables and 150,000 watts of audio round out the digital experience.


Meeting Space



New seating and gathering areas inside and above GM World capture a sense of creativity, simplicity and cutting-edge thinking that hums throughout the space. GM employees, GMRENCEN tenants, and visitors can use the seating area on Level A and the pods on Level 1 as an informal meeting space or casual dining option.


Curated Displays



GM World features curated displays on the central turntable that will change throughout the year. The first display is a celebration of the Chevrolet Truck Centennial that extends out to the Jefferson Lobby and incorporates trucks from the GM Heritage Center. The updated technology in the space will allow GM to tell stories in a more engaging and interactive way.


Product Specialists



Since GM World is still a showroom, product specialists are available to talk about the technical and design elements of each vehicle. Find a product specialist at the new customer service desk or roaming the floor, if you have questions about the vehicles.


Customer Service Desk



The GMRENCEN customer service desk has relocated to GM World. Don’t worry though, it didn’t move far. You can now find the customer service desk and customer service representatives about twenty yards further back in GM World. If you have questions about restaurants, directions or the history of the building feel free to stop by.


New Tours



Come one, come all! With the opening of GM World we’ve also updated the tour. The official GMRENCEN tour now meets and starts at the Jefferson Lobby and includes GM World. Learn about how it was constructed, why the space was updated and the new technology while of course visiting all of your other favorite GMRENCEN features. Tours are still offered at 12 and 2 p.m. weekdays.



The GM World renovation looks beautiful and we’re excited to include it among our other GMRENCEN building features. What is your favorite part of GM World? Let us know in the comments!

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