Happy Treat Yo’ Self Day!

The NBC show Parks & Recreation invented a holiday that’s all about giving in to your inner luxurious self. Want a new sweater from the mall that you’ve been eyeing for a month? Treat Yo’ Self. Have you been looking at a GoPro camera for that vacation around the corner? Treat Yo’ Self.



Oct. 13 is all about going out of the way to make yourself feel better and the GMRENCEN is in the holiday spirit. Here are several ways to Treat Yo’ Self around the building.


Enjoy dinner and cocktails at Andiamo Detroit Riverfront



A beautiful setting overlooking the Detroit River, you’ll love anything from this award-winning restaurant. Enjoy a variety of dishes featuring veal, steak, chicken, fish and pasta with a glass of wine or seasonal cocktail at Andiamo Detroit Riverfront.


Unwind at Corporate Mind & Body Spa


Relax like never before with a stress management or rejuvenation treatment at Corporate Mind & Body Spa. You’ll leave feeling revived, refreshed and renewed and wishing everyday was Treat Yo’ Self Day.


Buy a bouquet of flowers from Ashley’s Flowers



If you’re a fresh flower lover, Treat Yo’ Self to Ashley’s Flowers on Level 2 in the Millender Center. Their fall bouquets and excellent customer service are sure to brighten your day!


Celebrate with a bottle of wine from Calumet Market & Spirits


Calumet Market & Spirits prides itself on having a wide variety of wine selections to choose from. Stop by on Oct. 13 to see their impressive collection of local and imported wines and take one home for yourself.


Dig into a fruitful masterpiece from Edible Arrangements



Edible Arrangements offers a variety of fresh fruit bouquets filled with sculpted pineapple, strawberries, grapes, oranges, cantaloupe and honeydew. Treat Yo’ Self to their dipped strawberries bouquet to top off your day.


Treat Yo’ Self to jewelry from Costa D’Oro Jewelers


The holidays are coming up soon and there’s no better way to step up your look than with a new piece of jewelry. Treat Yo’ Self to perfectly cut diamonds, or wonderfully crafted gem stones for an extra-luxurious day from Costa D’Oro Jewelers.


Take time off for a manicure, pedicure or hair cut at Renaissance Salon



Step out of the office for a quick appointment at Renaissance Salon to get your nails or hair done. Do you only get your nails done on special occasions? This counts. Treat Yo’ Self to a manicure or pedicure and you’ll step into the weekend in a great mood.


Splurge on teeth whitening services at Great Expressions Dental Centers


Have you always wanted to brighten up your smile? Now’s the time! Dr. Joe Abbate of Great Expressions Dental Centers has been servicing the GMRENCEN for more than 30 years and he knows how to make your smile glow. Call his office today to Treat Yo’ Self this this life-changing procedure.


Indulge in a coffee treat



The GMRENCEN has several restaurants that either specialize in coffee or serve coffee within their businesses. Skip the office coffee today and head down to one of our two Starbucks’, Bozii, Coffee Beanery, Gourmet Deli, Tim Hortons, Panera Bread or to Joe Muer, Volt or Andiamo to sit down and drink some.


Snack on a Potbelly Sandwich Works chocolate chip cookie


If you’re in the mood for something tasty and sweet, look no further than Potbelly Sandwich Works. Treat Yo’ Self to a fresh, perfectly baked chocolate chip cookie that is just waiting for you to scoop up and enjoy.


So go on, find that special item or service inside the GMRENCEN and Treat Yo’ Self!


What is your favorite way to Treat Yo’ Self? Let us know in the comments.

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