Download the GMRENCEN Wayfinder App

Find your way around the GMRENCEN with the new Wayfinder app! Getting around the GMRENCEN has never been easier with Google Maps and the Wayfinder app. The GMRENCEN is the first building of its kind to launch an app like this to help every visitor easily navigate the tallest building in Michigan. Here’s how the app works:

Download the GMRENCEN app in the App Store

Wayfinder app download

Search where you want to go in the GMRENCEN

wayfinder app screen

Follow the route to your destination

wayfinder destination screen

What else can you do with the app?

wayfinder home screen

  • Find your way to the GMRENCEN
    • Get to the GMRENCEN from anywhere by opening the app and tapping “Detroit, 48243” and the app will give you directions to the building.
  • Email the GMRENCEN
    • Have a question for us? Shoot us an email and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.
  • Emergency eHelp
    • The best way to request emergency assistance is to dial 313-667-1111. The GMRENCEN app has a “Call Emergency” button to help you with any urgent help you may need.
  • Visit us online

What if I don’t have an iPhone?

Android users can use Google Maps to navigate the building. The GMRENCEN has a partnership with Google so if you need to get somewhere inside the building, Google Maps will tell you exactly how to get there including which escalators and elevators to use. Here’s how it works:

Open Google Maps on your Android smartphone

GM wayfinder usage

Type your destination into the search bar

GM wayfinder map

Follow the directions to get to your destination

gm wayfinder google map

Download the GMRENCEN Wayfinder app today! Have you tried the new app? Let us know what you think about it in the comment section.


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