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In January, General Motors announced their plan for the transformation of the GMRENCEN into a modern, immersive experience that is a true reflection of GM’s position as a leader in the automotive industry and the city of Detroit. In case you missed the initial announcement, you can visit our previous blog post to read more about the changes involved and view some of the reimagined spaces, through renderings from our partners Neumann Smith Architecture and EWI Worldwide.



The new project kicked off with the closure of the GM Showroom on Friday, July 22, to allow construction to begin. This first step is an update to the central area that will create a more open and inviting gathering space that will become a place to congregate, socialize and discover the world of GM. You’ll be able to experience this new social area in 2017.

The new GM exhibit space will include:

  • Curated stories featuring permanent and rotating exhibits. Visitors can learn about iconic moments in history to GM brands, innovations, design process and culture icons to how GM is creating a better future.
  • Interior updates to the center core area which will include a social gathering space
  • Interactive experiences for visitors to see, touch, hear and engage.

Take a peek at some of the updated renderings below:

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During the expansion project, please visit our webpage for updated renderings and project details.

What part of the project are you most excited to see come to life?

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