GMRENCEN by the Numbers

The GMRENCEN is a fascinating building full of history and fun facts so it’s hard not to be curious about the staple of Detroit’s skyline. We get questions all the time about this building so we decided to break the GMRENCEN down by the numbers.

How tall is the GMRENCEN?

Flags outside the GMRENCEN

As Michigan’s tallest building, the GMRENCEN is 73 glorious stories tall.

How big is the GMRENCEN?

Purple sunset at the GMRENCEN

This building spans 14 acres and has 5.5 million square feet of office, dining, retail and lodging space.

What year was the GMRENCEN built?

GMRENCEN under construction

Phase 1 construction for the GMRENCEN started in 1973 and the project was complete by 1977. Phase 2 construction for Towers 500 and 600 were finished by 1981.

How long does it take to wash the windows?

Window Washers

It takes window washers 2-3 months to clean the windows and then they have to start all over again. In between washing, our window washers had time to snap a quick selfie of themselves up high to show how they are #ReflectingDetroit.

How many people come and go every day?

Tour of the GMRENCEN

More than 17,000 people visit and work in the building on a daily basis.

How many times do you have to walk around the circulation ring to walk a mile?

The ringed glass walkway is about 12 feet wide and approximately 600 feet around. If you walk around the ring 8 times, you’ll have walked one mile.

How many hotel rooms are in the Marriott Hotel at the GMRENCEN?

Double Double Guest Room SR

At 726 feet high, the Marriott hotel has 1,298 hotel rooms.

How many restaurants are in the building?

Granite City Burger

Between sit-down restaurants like Andiamo, Granite City and Joe Muer, and grab and go places like Gourmet Deli and Presto, there are over 30 places to get food in the GMRENCEN.

How large is the GM Wintergarden?

GMRENCEN Wintergarden

The highest point in the five-story Wintergarden rises 103 feet.

Does the GMRENCEN really have its own zip code?

Yes, and it’s 48243.

Did we miss anything? Let us know what questions you’d like answered about this building in the comment section.