Your First Day at the GMRENCEN

GM Renaissance Center

Your first day on the job at the GMRENCEN is exciting but could be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’ve never been here before. Fear not! We’re here to help you with some first day pointers. Consider these tips your first day survival kit in the GMRENCEN.

1. Download the GMRENCEN Wayfinder app

Wayfinder app

The GMRENCEN is a 5.5 million square foot campus that holds 29 restaurants and sees up to 20,000 people come and go every day. As a first timer, we know it can be overwhelming. The GMRENCEN Wayfinder app was designed to help you navigate the building so you never have to be turned around.

2. Get your security badge

New employees in the GMRENCEN will have to go to the Security Office to get a badge that will give you access to your floor. Smile and say “cheese” for your security badge photo and while you’re at it, snap a #ReflectingDetroit selfie for the chance to win prizes!

3. Save security’s phone number


In case of an emergency, call 313-667-1111, do not call 911. The GMRENCEN has its own Detroit Police mini station right here in the building. Save this number in your phone as soon as possible.

4. Take the tour

First Day Tour

Did you know the GMRENCEN has scheduled tours every day at 12 p.m. and 2 p.m.? Our knowledgeable tour guides will share important facts about the building and highlight all of the places you need to know about it if you’ll be working here.

5. Subscribe to GMRENCEN happenings

GMRENCEN Happenings

There are so many events going on in the building, it can be hard to keep up so our tenants are encouraged to subscribe to our building-wide email. You’ll find the latest news, deals, promotions and events delivered to your inbox weekly. To subscribe, email

6. Find out your floor’s emergency plan


No matter where you work, every business in the building has an emergency evacuation plan. On your first day, it’s important to get all of the information necessary for you to evacuate the building safely in the event of an emergency. Each floor should have its own emergency floor coordinator. Yours will have the up-to-date evacuation information.

7. Bookmark the GMRENCEN blog


This blog is a go-to resource for all things GMRENCEN. When you want to know something about this building, chances are you’ll be able to find it here.

8. Follow the GMRENCEN on social media

Stay up-to-date on everything going on in the GMRENCEN by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

With these helpful tips, you’ll be a GMRENCEN expert in no time!

What was your first day like in the GMRENCEN? Let us know in the comment section.


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