Exploring the City on Two Wheels with MoGo Detroit Bike Share

Written by Rory Lincoln – Director of Programming & Operations, MoGo Detroit Bike Share


More than 300 people helped celebrate the launch of public bike share in Detroit by participating in MoGo’s community ride. Riders broke up into groups, hopped on one of those iconic red bikes and pedaled off towards one of the system’s then 43 stations.



Now, two years later, hundreds of thousands of people have used MoGo to replace a car trip, connect to transit, grab food during a lunch break, ride to and from a parking lot, exercise or just to enjoy a nice afternoon pedaling around town. With 44 stations spread throughout 10 Detroit neighborhoods, MoGo is adding to the culture of bicycling in Detroit by making it even more visible and accessible.


There’s even a station on the plaza just outside the GMRENCEN’s doors along the Detroit River.



Recent infrastructure improvements have made the city even more friendly for bicyclists, but there’s no place quite like the Detroit RiverWalk and the Dequindre Cut. With nearly 7.5 miles of non-motorized bliss and five conveniently placed MoGo stations, the riverfront is helping even the newest bicyclists fall in love with the freedom and flexibility of two-wheeled transit.



But perhaps more importantly than simply providing bike share in Detroit is how MoGo has done it. In an effort to increase access and reduce barriers to bike share, MoGo has created a $5 annual pass for those who receive state benefits, implemented a cash payment option for those who are unbanked, programmed biking classes for new bikers and those who feel uncomfortable riding on the street, developed ambassador programs to ensure community inclusivity and it became one of the first bike share providers to build an adaptive cycling program for riders of all abilities. Adaptive MoGo offers cycling options for individuals who may not be able to ride a two-wheeled bicycle due to a physical or cognitive disability. MoGo works in partnership with Programs to Educate All Cyclists (PEAC) and Wheelhouse Detroit on the RiverWalk to provide recumbent tricycles, two-wheeled tandems, side-by-side tandem quadcycles, hand tricycles and more.



MoGo is excited for its third summer in operation with plans to add more stations and bikes in Northwest Detroit and five suburban cities including Ferndale, Royal Oak, Oak Park, Huntington Woods and Berkley. But that’s not all! Stay tuned to mogodetroit.org for all the exciting summer developments!


Have you used MoGo? Bonus points if you’ve taken a ride to or from the GMRENCEN. Let us know in the comments below.

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