Explore GM World with a Snapchat Treasure Hunt

Do you have eagle eyes? Are you a clue master? If you answered yes, then head to GM World and GMRENCEN podium areas to compete!


We’ve developed a photo treasure hunt combining Snapchat and the 100 Years of Chevy Trucks display located throughout the public areas of the GMRENCEN. To play, open up your Snapchat app, then search for Snapcodes and take a picture of the five Chevrolet Snapcodes that are located throughout the building. Can you find all five? If you manage to snap them all, you’ll be able to pick up a prize from the GM Company store.


The Snapcodes are printed on large posters and placed in stands for you to find. Once you find the Snapcode, open Snapchat to take a picture of the code. Once you take a picture of the Snapcode, you’ll see information about Chevrolet and the next clue will be revealed.


Most of the Snapcodes are next to a Chevrolet or Chevrolet 100 Years of Trucks display, so if you’re stuck, head to a display area that you haven’t been to before! Or, if you’re really stuck, browse through the pop-up treasure map within Snapchat for clues to help you find the Snapcodes.


Don’t worry about going in order, participants can find the five Snapcodes in any combination to win the prize.



To Remember


  • Snapcodes can be found on all levels of the GMRENCEN podium areas, including Levels A, 1 and 2. Think creatively when you’re looking for them!
  • Safety is a top priority at the GMRENCEN so be alert and walk with your head up when searching for the Snapcodes. If you need to look at your cell phone, move to the side of the aisle and stop walking.
  • Review your route ahead of time and check the GMRENCEN maps before walking around the building to become familiar with where you’re heading. Tenants and visitors can also download our Wayfinder app for easy navigation throughout the GMRENCEN.


Good luck and happy hunting! Give the Snapchat treasure hunt a try and let us know how it goes in the comments.

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