Enjoy One of the Tastiest Holidays – National French Fry Day!

French fries, also known as chips, fries or frites, are slices of deep-fried potatoes that you can find commonly on casual and fast-food dining menus in the GMRENCEN and Millender Center. The golden potatoes are loved by adults and children alike!


A wide selection of toppings such as ketchup, mayonnaise, ranch dressing, vinegar, honey mustard, various seasonings and cheese make each batch of French fries taste different, but they’re all delicious in our book.


Some variations of the French fry come baked or fried in unusual shapes like curls, waffles or crinkle. Sweet potato fries are a healthier version of the French fry, usually fried in healthier oil.


To observe National French Fry Day, we suggest ordering up some fries, sharing them with friends or family, snapping a few photos and sharing them on social media!


We’ve mapped out all the locations in the GMRENCEN and Millender Center where you can find French fries, so you can go on a spree, July 13.


Granite City Food and Brewery



Match your French fries with a delicious craft beer when you stop by Granite City Food and Brewery’s downtown location. Granite City serves hamburgers, sandwiches and wraps that all come with French fries, and are appetizing beyond measure.





A classic stop on the French fry tour around the building. McDonald’s is known for their perfectly golden fries, and many go to McDonald’s only for their fries. We’re lovin’ it.


Applebee’s & IHOP



The first-ever combination Applebee’s & IHOP restaurant may not have fries in the morning, but you can bet they’re on Applebee’s lunch and dinner menus! Order some frites with your favorite Applebee’s burger to end your feast right.


Burger King


Add French fries and make it a combo on every menu item at Burger King. Who knows, you might even order their infamous chicken fries, which are chicken strips in long and thin French fry shapes.


Coney Town



There’s nothing like hot diner fries. Stop inside the GMRENCEN Food Court for a combo and revel in the hot fries that come with it. They’re even salted and seasoned to perfection.


Which fries are you craving most? Let us know in the comments!