Dogs of the GMRENCEN

The GMRENCEN is arguably one of the most beautiful and recognizable buildings in the entire city. The building is home to many different businesses, shops, and fine dining experiences but when it comes to the daily operations and protection of this wonderful building, the GMRENCEN has two furry friends to help out…


Meet Volt and Bell! GMRENCEN’s very own security dogs who serve the entire building.


Dog handler with Volt


Volt, 3 ½ year old Golden retriever, has served the building for two years with his handler Eric. Eric is a retired Army and Michigan Air National Guard veteran.


Bell, a 2 year old Labrador retriever, has only served the building since December with her handler Mac, who is a retired Michigan State Police officer.




We caught up with Eric and Mac to find out more about our favorite 4-legged officers.


So what does being a GMRENCEN security dog entail?


When they aren’t getting belly rubs, Volt and Bell work with each of their handlers throughout the building on general security foot patrol, spending most of their time patrolling the busiest areas of the building.


What is the process of becoming a GMRENCEN security dog?


Every dog starts off training in Northern Michigan. While there, the dogs are trained in obedience and detection. During their last three weeks of training, each dog’s handler travels to the facility so they can learn together. Learning is never over for the dogs and their handlers. Every day is a new opportunity and training experience for the dogs and their respective owners.


Volt in the GMRENCEN Showroom


When it comes to petting the adorable GMRENCEN dogs, make sure you ask their handlers first!


Remember when you see Volt and Bell in the building that they are at work. While the dogs are in training it is important for them to learn the difference between work and play. Extra attention from people throughout the day can distract them from their work. So before you try to pet them make sure to ask permission from their handler first.


Where do Volt and Bell go after work?


Both Volt and Bell are taken home each night and cared for by Eric and Mac.


They might be adorable, but Volt and Bell have an important job here at the GMRENCEN to keep our tenants and visitors safe. With 73 stories, they have a lot of ground to cover each day.


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