Detroit Artist Spotlight: Suzann Braun

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.” – Anonymous


Detroit fan and photographer Suzann Braun strives to capture the balance between beautiful skyscraper views and the nitty-gritty underbelly of Detroit in her work. The GMRENCEN regularly features Braun’s work on social media, and she recently was one of ten winners in the GMRENCEN’s Your Photo Here Contest, so we decided to get to know her, and her craft, a bit better.


Her Start



Braun began taking photos on fun outings with family and friends, and that theme still guides her passion today.


“Growing up I was always the family photographer, the one with a camera,” Braun said. “Now I love to explore different cities through the lens of my camera, or even different neighborhoods of Detroit.”


She loves capturing photos outdoors, where a city meets natural outdoor elements. The balance and connection between urban life and Mother Nature can be seen throughout her photos. Michigan’s colorful changing seasons always provoke Braun to grab her camera and head outside.


“Before and After” Photos



The Detroit artist especially loves taking “before and after” photos of Detroit. A moment that stands out in her memory is photographing the Detroit Riverfront in the early 2010s, which at the time was cluttered with industrial plants and warehouses – nothing like the urban greenspace glittering with walkways and parks today.


“I love going through photos from years ago and being able to recreate them in today’s landscape. It’s amazing to have a photo from a certain moment in time, and then seeing the city’s progress now,” Braun said.





Braun works downtown, so she often spends her lunch break roaming the streets and Riverfront for anything that excites her. Detroit especially inspires her because of Detroit’s grit and artsy-aesthetic.


“Detroit is naturally beautiful, yet complex. It’s a photographer’s dream,” she said.


Suzann Braun lives in Warren. Follow her on Instagram or visit her online SmugMug gallery for more photos of Detroit and her travels.

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