Detroit Artist: Jason Clemens

For Detroit photographer Jason Clemens, he just loves to be outside. If he’s got a camera in his hand, that’s a bonus.


Jason has a certain passion for the outdoors, especially for Michigan’s beautiful seasons. He even calls his photography “hunting with a camera” since he’s always searching for the perfect outdoor shot.


Seasons of Change



Jason began seriously taking photos after he was gifted a Canon in 2012. He’s since elevated his hobby to a passion project, capturing everything in nature that he could.


He loves shooting images of birds and animals and exploring the same place in different seasons. The seasons give the same locations a different perspective, he says. Find him out at sunrise or sunset, seeking out what others don’t see in nature.


In Detroit, he especially loves photographing the marina and Detroit River when he’s downtown. The skyline and cityscape has changed so much in recent years, evolving the Detroit Riverfront as it changes, and that’s what he enjoys conveying through his images.


Sharing Detroit



Jason started becoming a Detroit influencer when he created an Instagram account for his photography portfolio. Immediately it was a way to connect with other passionate artists and share what they and experience through their camera.


The hashtag #ShareDetroit is full of Jason’s images, and he regularly interacts with the users of that hashtag. His Instagram handle is also @Share_Detroit.


A Familial Connection


Jason plays catch with his son at Comerica Park.


Jason not only loves pursuing photography because it’s a way to take his mind off his full-time job, but because his father was also an active photographer, and loving telling stories through photos.


“My dad passed away before I turned three years old, but he still managed to instill so much of his personality and passions in me in that short time,” said Jason.


Photography is a beautiful connection between Jason and his dad, and one that is only growing as Jason gets older.


Follow along as Jason shares his favorite Detroit outdoors photos on the GMRENCEN’s Instagram over the next two weeks.


Jason Clemens lives in Farmington Hills. See more of his work on Instagram @Share_Detroit.

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