Challenge: Show us how you’re #ReflectingDetroit

Positive change is happening right now in Detroit and the GMRENCEN is committed to embracing the invigorating spirit of Detroit, so we have invited the people, businesses, and community who are driving this change to take selfies and show how they are reflecting a new Detroit.

Love them, or hate them, selfies are here to stay and yours could be worth some money. The GMRENCEN is sending out a challenge to all selfie pros, and selfie newbies, to snap a photo with one of Detroit’s most iconic buildings and show us how you’re reflecting a new Detroit. There are only two rules to qualify for a prize:

  1. The GMRENCEN has to be in the photo.
  2. You have to upload it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or to our website using the hashtag #ReflectingDetroit.

That’s it and you’ll be qualified to win one of the following prizes:

July—$200 Joe Muer gift card

August—$200 Andiamo gift card

September—$200 Granite City gift card

We will randomly select winners once a month and you may be qualified for other prizes if yours is really creative. Here are some of our favorites so far:

Cara B.


Britany b


“Loving life and enjoying time in the D ❤️ #ReflectingDetroit.”



“Back to work full of energy!! #ReflectingDetroit.”



“A little Detroit sun in between meetings!”

 Edward G Waalters


“Enjoying GM RiverDays on our lunch break.”



“Let’s just peek inside and see who’s working!”



“It’s a great day for Riverfront Run! #ReflectingDetroit.”


Mary V.

“Enjoying a walk along the beautiful Detroit River Walk and Plaza.”

Mary V

If you are reflective of the heart and soul of this town, take on the #ReflectingDetroit selfie challenge! Share your stories about how you’re reflecting a new Detroit in the comment section.

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