Careers inside the GMRENCEN

The GMRENCEN has 5.5 million square feet of office, dining, retail, entertainment, residential and lodging space, but what careers make up that space? There are tons of businesses that call the GMRENCEN home, and we’re excited to share some of their career opportunities with you.





This one may seem the most obvious, but it is noteworthy nonetheless. General Motors purchased the Renaissance Center in 1996 and transformed the building into its global headquarters soon after. Today, they employ around 5,000 individuals inside the GMRENCEN who are actively working in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and design, and math) fields.


Career opportunities include engineering, global business solutions, manufacturing, creative design, research and development, information technology, product programs, regulatory affairs and more.




Global and regional law firms including Dykema and Kotz Sangster  call the GMRENCEN home. Their clients include automotive manufacturers and suppliers, major utilities, private and publicly held corporations, financial institutions, mutual funds, health care facilities, municipalities, public sector clients and more.


Career opportunities include attorney, law clerk, paralegal, legal assistant, records management and law librarian.





The GMRENCEN is proud to call Michigan’s largest health insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, a tenant of the building. The nonprofit mutual insurance company that was founded in 1939, serving more than 4.5 million people in Michigan, looked no further than Detroit’s most iconic building when moving to Detroit in 2011.


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has employees exclusively in Towers 500 and 600, where career opportunities include wellness coordinators, case managers, customer service representatives and more.




Some may not know, but the GMRENCEN has its own Beaumont Riverfront, Great Expressions Dental Centers and Henry Ford OptimEyes offices. Detroiters and tenants who work in the building can take care of a variety of healthcare and doctor appointments without having to leave the building. The doctors in the building are all experts in their field, and provide exemplary client-care across the board.


Career opportunities include doctor, dentist, nurse, optometrist, orthodontists, oral surgeon, insurance agent, dental hygienist, health coach, optician, practice manager, technician and more.





Between global firms and small businesses, several financial institutions call the GMRENCEN home. Perhaps the most well-known company, Deloitte, provides industry-leading audit and assurance, consulting, tax, and risk and financial advisory services to a number of clients. The GMRENCEN also houses several national and local banks including Comerica Bank, Direct Financial a division of New England Federal Credit Union, Chase Bank and Public Service Credit Union, whom provide necessary financial advice, banking services and loan opportunities to members.


Career opportunities include Certified Public Accountant, Certified Managerial Accountant, financial advisor, risk assessment adviser, consumer loan opportunities, mortgage loan originator, relationship manager, teller and member service representative.




A majority of businesses inside the GMRENCEN combine consulting as part of their services to clients, but we do have a few dedicated consulting firms inside the building too. Global firm Urban Science combines business and science as they create theories, tests and prescriptions for your business solutions.


Career opportunities include project management, product strategy, business analyst and more.


Marketing and Communications



Several independent marketing and communication firms conduct business inside the GMRENCEN, where they provide creative solutions and services to an array of clients. Dynamic agencies such as Franco, Career Communications GroupTruscott Rossman and others enjoy working inside an ever-evolving building.


Career opportunities include client services, copy writers, digital marketing specialist, event management, graphic designer and video production specialist.


Real Estate


Whether you’re thinking residential or commercial real estate, the GMRENCEN has it. Tenant RE/MAX Reserve makes shopping for your new home easy with an office in Tower 300, and if you’re worried about finding a house outside of Detroit don’t, because they specialize in Wayne, Macomb and Oakland county residences. Commercial real estate titan CBRE’s Detroit office conducts business in the lines of asset services, capital markets, development services, investment management and advisory services.


Career opportunities include real estate agent, real estate broker, real estate manager, asset services, lease analyst, project manager, program manager and more.





Between our restaurants and the largest hotel in Detroit, you can bet we have a variety of hospitality careers in the GMRENCEN. These employees at the Detroit Marriott, Granite City, Andiamo Riverfront and Joe Muer Seafood are experts in the fields of customer service and care and work to make your experience at the GMRENCEN unique and luxurious.


Career opportunities include general management, customer service representative, executive chef, server, hostess, operations manager and more.


We prize each of our tenants and are glad they each call the GMRENCEN home. Do you work in any of the mentioned fields? Let us know your favorite aspect of your job in the comments below!

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