Tenant Spotlight: AT&T

The holidays are quickly approaching and what better gift is there to receive than a new tablet or data package from AT&T? The GMRENCEN’s AT&T kiosk is located in Tower 200 and offers several phone and DirecTV packages along with pre-paid phones, chargers and other smart-phone and tablet accessories. AT&T has been in the building for three years and is open 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Do you have any other locations?

The AT&T kiosk is the only corporate-owned location in the city of Detroit. Other franchise-owned stores exist throughout Metro-Detroit, but the GMRENCEN is home to the only corporate-owned location.


Who works at the kiosk?

Our team consists of manager Detra, Kyle, Ryan and Greg. We enjoy working in the GMRENCEN and love interacting with customers.

What products and services do you offer?

We offer a variety of products and services such as: DirecTV (cable), Digital Life Home Security, internet, cellular plans, hotspots, tablets, U-verse (cable, fiber optic), accessories, Fit Bits, Bluetooth speakers and headsets.


Have you been involved in any recent activities in the building?

We recently participated in GM’s Health and Safety fair this fall. Team members brought our texting and driving simulator that demonstrates the difficulty of distracted driving. We had several hundred people test the simulator and take a pledge against distracted driving.

How are you reflecting a new Detroit?

We love to reflect a new Detroit by providing services, directions and recommendations to any visitors and newcomers to the area. By providing these accommodations, we fell that we are encouraging positivity throughout the GMRENCEN and Detroit in general, one of the many aspects that help build a new Detroit.

Who primarily purchases products or services at this location?

We mostly serve travelers and visitors who are staying at the hotel, or are here for conferences or events in the area. We also have quite a few GMRENCEN tenants that pay their service bills here on a regular basis because our location is convenient and we operate quickly.


What is your most popular service or product?

We sell a lot of pre-paid phones and phone cards as that is what a majority of the out-of-town folks are seeking when they visit us. We currently have a deal that grants a free iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7 to DirecTV customers, which has been pretty successful.


What is an advantage of stopping by the AT&T kiosk?

Visitors to the GMRENCEN can receive a two-hour parking voucher to the Beaubien Place Parking Structure by showing an AT&T receipt for a purchase of $20 or more to a GMRENCEN representative at the North Lobby welcome desk or the Wintergarden welcome desk.


What is your favorite aspect about working in the GMRENCEN?

Being downtown Detroit is a blessing because we get to interact and work with a great mix of professionals, tourists and Detroiters. Any time an event comes to the GMRENCEN or surrounding area, we see that as an opportunity to interact with a new diverse group of people, learning their reason for visiting Detroit, and sharing the many reasons we love working in the building and the city of Detroit.

Stop in and say hello to the AT&T team next time you visit Tower 200. They would love to help you pay a bill, find the perfect holiday gift, or simply have a thoughtful and upbeat conversation!