Artist Spotlight: Christopher Hollis

When Christopher Hollis was gifted his first professional camera in 2009, he didn’t know how much it would impact his life for years to come.


Eight years later, he now owns and operates his own photography business, VIII/VIII Photography, and is making a name for himself in the Detroit photography scene.


Up and Coming


Pictured: Christopher Hollis.

Although he was always more-than-adept with a handheld camera, Chris was gifted his first professional-grade camera when he moved to California in 2009. He took advantage of Northern California’s outdoor-centric lifestyle and spent time capturing the Bay Area’s vast array of mountains, waterways and greenery.


With a move back to Detroit, Chris still focuses on the landscapes and cityscapes that he’s prized since the beginning of his career. But his photography has matured as he has; Chris’ photos now focus on composition and framing, and he has a particular interest in symmetry within architecture.


“I love when people see a photo of something they know well or maybe see every day but then see something new in the photograph. The details, and uncovering those secrets, are what is so intriguing to me,” said Chris.


Capturing a Moment


Image by Christpher Hollis.

Chris especially loves capturing snapshots in time without the focus of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Spot him in the early morning hours around Eastern Market, taking photos of the well-known murals, with only his headphones and camera. He typically goes out with a vague outline of what he wants to capture, like the sunrise, or sunset, but doesn’t limit himself in the subject matter – inspiration often strikes him in the moment.


Instagram Takeover


Image by Christopher Hollis.

Chris has graciously been the first photographer taking over the GMRENCEN’s Instagram. Luckily, he’s extremely familiar with the building – as a native Detroiter he’s partial to the Detroit skyline, but he’s also worked inside the GMRENCEN for the last five years.


He’s decided to focus on the interior architecture and symmetry of the building throughout his takeover. Follow the GMRENCEN on Instagram for Chris’ take on the building’s intricate network of walkways and windows.


Chris Hollis lives in Detroit. Follow him on Instagram at @vii_vii_photography or Facebook at @VII/VII Photography to see Detroit through his lens.

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