8 Detroit Instagrams that Embody the Spirit of the City

Detroit is a city. It’s an American icon, a womb for modern-day transportation and the birthplace of music phenomenon’s like Motown and Techno. But it’s also an energy. An energy that’s fueled by its people. Detroit pride is alive and well. And this is what it looks like.



Known for: Scenery, interesting perspectives

Hamster tunnel ? | #detroit #humanhabitrail

A photo posted by Seoung Lee (@seoung) on



Known for: Portraits, action shots



Known for: Scenery

His work even landed him a billboard deal with 1800 Tequila.



Known for: Scenery, filters

Play like a champion?

A photo posted by Cadillac Flatts (@cadillac_flatts) on



Known for: Photo manipulation



Known for: Scenery



Known for: Scenery, portraits

My Misfit Family.

A photo posted by Ahmad M (@detroit_chiver) on



Known for: Scenery, action shots

The universe took me here. ❤️ #Detroit

A photo posted by Joe Gall (@camera_jesus) on

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