3 Ways the Bees at the GMRENCEN are Helping the Planet

What’s buzzing at the GMRENCEN? Our bees, of course! The GMRENCEN works with the Honey Bee Squad to keep our bees. The Honey Bee Squad checks on the bees periodically to make sure the queen bee is laying eggs and that they have enough space to keep growing. We all know that bees make delicious honey but they also play a big role in keeping our planet healthy and beautiful. Here are three ways our bees are making this building, and the earth, a better place:

  1. Bees help our food grow.


    Garden photo

Bees are naturally good workers and they are happily employed here at the GMRENCEN pollinating our rooftop garden to help our tomatoes, peppers and herbs grow. Andiamo then incorporates the fresh harvest into many of their dishes.

  1. Our bees help Detroit’s gardens grow!

    Close up of bees

According to our Honey Bee Squad expert, Francois Faloppa, GMRENCEN bees will fly up to 20 square miles away from their hive which helps make local gardens and flower beds more productive. The bees keep the gardens well pollinated and will help more flowers bloom.

  1. GMRENCEN bees help further support sustainability.

    Francois Bee keeper

During the wintertime, the Honey Bee Squad preps the beehive with insulation to protect it from the harsh weather. We create insulation using plastic shipping trays from the GM Kokomo Operations facility in Indiana. Reusing the shipping trays helps keep waste out of landfills and helps the bees stay nice and warm when it’s cold outside.

For more information about the GMRENCEN’s sustainability efforts, visit: http://gmrencenwp.wpengine.com/about-the-ren-cen/.

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