10 Places to find Coffee in the GMRENCEN


Need an afternoon caffeine boost? The GMRENCEN has you covered. You’re looking for coffee and we have more than enough to go around. Whether you’re just looking for a regular cup of coffee as an afternoon treat, or you need espresso for an extra boost, consider the GMRENCEN java paradise. Here are some of our favorite places for a cup of Joe:

  1. Bozii

Keep it local and try a fresh cup of Great Lakes Coffee right here in the GMRENCEN. Bozii prides themselves on fresh, local ingredients and their coffee is no exception. The full bodied Columbian roast coffee from Bozii will certainly help you get your day started on the right foot.


Great Lakes Coffee from Bozii


  1. Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is a coffee staple here in the GMRENCEN. The classic Canadian coffee is sure to give you the extra kick you need to keep your afternoon moving along at a swift pace. Our favorite is the medium roast coffee with a shot of hazelnut syrup, or a caramel latte.


Cup of coffee from Tim Hortons


  1. Gourmet Deli

Gourmet Deli offers all the ease of convenience store coffee, at a quality that is truly gourmet.  Visit Gourmet Deli for fresh coffee in Tower 500 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. for fresh coffee.



  1. Joe Muer

Yes, Joe Muer has amazing food but they also brew a mean cup of coffee. If you’re like we are and love their desserts, pair your coffee with your favorite sweet treat and thank us later.


Coffee and cheesecake photo


  1. Andiamo

If you’re looking for a real afternoon boost, order the espresso from Andiamo and don’t let the smooth taste fool you. This small espresso shot will give you just the jolt you need to finish your to-do list.




  1. Panera Bread

With the vast assortment of pastries, it’s no surprise that Panera serves a delicious cup of coffee. Brew it yourself and pour your own hot or iced coffee, just the way you like it.


Panera Bread


  1. Coffee Beanery

This local company­­­ serves many different flavors of coffee including Hawaiian Coconut. Buy it by the cup or by the bag and keep it brewing all day long.


Coffee Beanery


  1. McDonald’s

Grab a burger and a coffee for lunch to help keep you going for the rest of your day. McDonald’s has a variety of different flavors of hot and cold coffee.


Coffee from McDonald's


  1. Volt

If you have time to sit down, check out Volt in the Marriott and treat yourself to a great cup of coffee.


Cup of Coffee


  1. Starbucks

Last but certainly not least:  Starbuck’s!  Hot, iced, frozen and all coffee in between is available at Starbucks. You can order anything from a frozen green tea latte to a regular cup of coffee. Starbucks can customize any order to make it just right every time.


Starbucks coffee


Where do you love to get coffee in the GMRENCEN? Share your favorites with us in the comment section.


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  1. Glad that there’s such a variety! Whether you just need a cup of joe to get you awake, or you’re a coffee connoisseur, there’s something for you.

  2. I start working at the RenCen on Monday and am thankful for articles like this which will make settling in a great experience. It’s nice to see familiar names and new opportunities. Excited for the coffee diversity!

  3. A building full of some of the top minds in auto, business and tech definitely needs a variety of the best coffee fuel around!

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