The GMRENCEN Caters to You

The GMRENCEN is a city within a city. It’s a 5.5 million square foot building packed with shops, restaurants, services and is home to businesses like General Motors, BCBSM, Deloitte and many more. You can visit the dentist, eye doctor, hit the gym and what else? You can cater your office’s next meal or meeting without ever leaving the building. To make planning and ordering as easy as pie, here’s what you need to know about ordering catering at the GMRENCEN:

Gourmet catering

How many restaurants and businesses offer catering at the GMRENCEN?

Lots! 20 in fact.

If you’re serving up an early morning meeting, there are places that cater a full breakfast or offer something simple like bagels and coffee. Consider Birmingham Deli, Gourmet Deli or Presto for something a little fancier. Or visit Coffee Beanery, Panera Bread, Starbucks, or Tim Hortons for a large coffee traveler, bagels and donuts to go.

cater bagels

Lunch time meeting?

There are lots of places that can cater your next lunch or early afternoon meeting. It all depends on what you’re in the mood for. If pizza sounds tasty, Andiamo Pizza Pie Co. just needs 24 hours notice to serve up some slices. If you’re looking for soups, salads or sandwiches, consider Chop Fresh, City Market, Panera Bread, Potbelly Sandwich Works, Subway or Zoup! Birmingham Deli or Gourmet Deli also offer appetizing catering options.


Working later and need to feed the office?

Each business has varying hours, but places like Granite City Food & Brewery, Andiamo, Joe Muer Seafood and Panera are open later. You can always grab snacks or refreshments at Calumet Market & Spirits, Andrew’s Detroit Downtown, Birmingham Deli, Renaissance 500 Shoppe, City Market, CVS Pharmacy and Gourmet Deli to cure your late night hunger.


How much does it cost?

That depends on the restaurant and the number of guests you’re buying for.

So, I know where I want to order catering from. Now what?

Well, you need to place an order and, it’s easy! You can either call the place you’ve selected and inquire for more info, visit the place in person, or surf their website. Many places allow you to order online.

When you’re ready to order, have your order and payment type ready, and the address you’d like it delivered to (some places charge a little extra depending on the amount of money spent).

Don’t forget to let the restaurant know if anyone you’re serving has specific dietary needs or restrictions.  And ask for plates and utensils if you don’t have any to spare.

Take your meeting mobile!

Consider leaving your office for your next meeting – with food of course! There’s event space available at Joe Muer Seafood, Andiamo, Granite City Food & Brewery, the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center, and the Renaissance Conference Center.

Anything else I should know?

Plan ahead! Just like you, it takes a few days for the restaurants to prepare for your big meeting. Timing depends on the restaurant but, give yourself and the restaurant a few days to prepare, just in case!

Here’s a complete list of the places that cater at the GMRENCEN:

Andiamo | GM Wintergarden Level A | 313.567.6700
Andiamo Pizza Pie Co| Food Court Level A | 313.393.6045
Birmingham Deli | Millender Center Level 2 | 313.221.2222
Bozii | Food Court Level A | 313.656.4917
Chop Fresh | Food Court Level A | 313.446.1110
City Market | Millender Center Level 1 | 313.222.0000
Coffee Beanery | Tower 300 Level 1 | 313.568.1040
Gourmet Deli | Towers 500/600 Level 1 | 313.396.5543
Granite City Food & Brewery | Tower 100 Level 1 | 313.309.9120
Joe Muer Seafood | Tower 400 Level 1 | 313.567.6837
Mac ‘n Cheez! Food Court Level A | 313.656.4838
Panera Bread | Tower 300 GM Wintergarden | 313.818.4133
Potbelly Sandwich Works | Tower 300 Level 1 | 313.566.0028
Presto Gourmet Deli | GM Wintergarden Level A | 313.567.6700
Rice Bowl Fresh Asian Kitchen| Millender Center Level 2 | 313.963.3200
Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina | Food Court Level A | 313.567.3701
Starbucks | Marriott Hotel Level 1 | 313.568.8400
Subway | Food Court Level A | 313.567.3345
Tim Hortons | Millender Center Level 2 | 313.502.5877
Zoup! | Food Court Level A | 313.567.7500

Have you catered a meeting or event in the building? What’s your favorite place to order from? Let us know in the comments below.

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