New Year, New You at the GMRENCEN

Setting resolutions for the New Year is a tradition for many people and we want to help you reach your goals this year. Some of the most popular goals are to get healthier, exercise more and eat better—you can do all of those right here at the GMRENCEN. Try these tips and tricks to stick with your goals this year:

Check in on your health


There are many different elements to staying healthy and one of the first things to do is making a doctor’s appointment for a checkup. Call Dr. Kotsis at Beaumont Riverfront Family Medicine, conveniently located in Tower 500.

Still haven’t had your flu shot? Stop procrastinating and get your flu shot at CVS and stay healthy all year long.

In order to see things clearly in 2017, your eyes need love too. Schedule an eye exam at Henry Ford OptimEyes in Tower 400. Get contacts, glasses and sunglasses for the New Year.

Smile your way through the year after you get your teeth cleaned at Great Expressions.

Get your exercise on


Getting in shape is one of the most popular resolutions people make in the beginning of the year but unfortunately, 80 percent of Americans don’t stick with it past February. Fortunately, RenCen Fitness has professional trainers and group classes that can help motivate you to stick with your goals through the entire year.

Make healthier eating choices


With more than 25 restaurants in the GMRENCEN to choose from, there are plenty of options that are delicious and healthy. Bozii, Chop Fresh, Subway, Potbelly and Panera Bread are just a few places to have a lighter lunch, but you’ll be able to find a healthier option at all of the restaurants in the building.

Live 2017 stress free


Make this your year of little to no stress, or at least the year you learn to manage your stress. RenCen Fitness has yoga classes to help you stretch away your stress and bring some calmness into your life. If yoga isn’t your thing, try a nice relaxing massage during lunch at Corporate Mind and Body Wellness in Tower 500.

Set financial goals


Starting the year with finance goals in mind? Start saving and learn about valuable budgeting tips and tricks right here in the building.  The GMRENCEN has several places you can go to get expert financial advice including Chase Bank, Health One Credit Union, Comerica Bank and Public Service Credit Union.

Tell us how you’re sticking to your New Year’s resolutions in the comment section!

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