GMRENCEN Renovation will Transform the Building

General Motors announced their plans to renovate the GMRENCEN into an immersive automotive experience. This “modern makeover” will span sections of the podium level and current GM Showroom. This dynamic social area will be a place to gather, converse and discover the World of GM.


The brainchild of GM Design and their partners at CBRE, Neumann Smith Architecture and EWI Worldwide, this renovation will be a true reflection of GM’s position as a leader in the automotive industry and Detroit.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Interior updates to the central area that will create a more open and inviting gathering space
  • Curated spaces that will feature rotating vehicle displays – mixing heritage models, concepts and current products
  • Interactive experiences that combine physical and digital elements – informing and teaching about GM brands and the design and engineering process
  • Progressive design that walks you through GM’s past, present and future






Construction is expected to begin this summer and be completed before the end of 2018.

Keep your eye on for updates, key milestones and more information.

2 thoughts on “GMRENCEN Renovation will Transform the Building

  1. I’d love to see a Chevrolet Citation in the heritage models section, they were a key turning point in GM vehicle packaging and design. The X-11 model was one of the first ”hot hatch” of the 80’s and everyone in N.A. knows someone who had an X-body or owned one themselves. It would surely get a lot of attention!

    I currently have an 85 X-11 and love it, the Citation was my first car. Looking forward to visiting GMRenCen again, charged up my Volt at the chargers up front during NAIAS a few years ago.

    Greetings from Ottawa 🙂

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