National Potato Chip Day at the GMRENCEN

To our fellow carb lovers, National Potato Chip Day is approaching on March 14, and the GMRENCEN has everything you need to celebrate properly. No matter the brand, we have a potato chip that will fit your needs.

Here’s where you can get delicious crispy potato chips to enjoy on this special day:

Make it a combo

During lunch when you’re ready to grab a quick bite to eat, almost anything goes better with a bag of chips. Whether you’re in the mood for pizza from Andiamo Pizza Pie Co., a sandwich from Zoup! or Subway, or Mac ‘n Cheez grab a bag of chips to top off the meal.

Chips to go

Calumet chips

When you just need a crunchy salty snack, potato chips are a go-to. Depending on what tower you’re in you can grab a bag from Calumet, City Market, Gourmet Deli, Presto or Andrew’s Downtown Deli.

Enjoy chips guilt-free


Potato chips are delicious but they aren’t the healthiest snack option and it’s all about balance, right? So if you’re feeling guilty about enjoying your favorite bag of potato chips, try getting healthier options like salads from Bozii, Birmingham Deli, Panera Bread, and Potbelly.

Crunch time


Some people like light and crispy chips but some people need a little more crunch. Kettle chips are the perfect solution. Get your kettle chips fix from Granite City, Starbucks and Tim Hortons.

Hungry yet? What are your favorite potato chips? Let us know in the comment section!

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