Say Cheese! Get your Cheese Fix at the GMRENCEN

When thinking about your favorite foods, is cheese on the top of the list? It certainly is for us! In honor of Cheese Lovers Day, we are celebrating everywhere you can find cheese in the GMRENCEN. Feast your eyes on all of the places you can enjoy cheese in the GMRENCEN:

Cheesy Soups


On cold days, a nice warm soup can help warm you up.. Try the Northern Cheddar & Ale soup from Granite City, or the broccoli cheddar soup from Subway or Tim Hortons.

Cheese Sandwiches



What goes better with cheese soup than a cheese sandwich? For a classic grilled cheese sandwich, Birmingham Deli is the place to go and if you’re looking for a little something more, the grilled chicken and cheddar from Potbelly is filling and delicious.

Mac and Cheese


Who doesn’t love macaroni and cheese? The GMRENCEN has plenty of this classic to go around from Zoup’s mac and cheese to black truffle macaroni and cheese from Joe Muer and the four-cheese mac from Mac and Cheez. The Bennie Mac and Cheese from Granite City features rich jack cheese sauce with penne pasta and chicken. Panera Bread’s white cheddar mac and cheese is a huge crowd pleaser and for the seafood lover, Coach Insignia has a creamy lobster mac and cheese that will not disappoint.

Cheesy Appetizers


Snack on cheesy appetizers and snacks from many of the restaurants in the GMRENCEN. Order the Andiamo Suppli from Andiamo, the crispy risotto balls with mozzarella filling are nothing short of addicting. Salsarita’s queso is another snack that we can’t stop eating, paired with their flavorful chips, it’s hard to say no to another bite.

Cheesy Entrees

cheese ravioli

If you wish cheese was the star of your main course, we have the meals for you. The ricotta ravioli at Coach Insignia is excellent for cheese lovers. We can’t leave pizza off this list and Andiamo Pizza has plenty of cheese pizza for your next office party. For something a little different, Volt has a pesto marinated mozzarella wrap with spinach and tomatoes.

Cheesy Sweets


Top off your cheese spree with something sweet. Cheesecake from Joe Muer is the perfect ending to any cheese lover’s day and for something on the lighter side, the cherry cheese pastry from Panera Bread is an excellent afternoon treat.

What’s your favorite cheese dish in the GMRENCEN? Let us know in the comment section. Share your cheese favorites with us using the #GMRENCENEats hashtag on Instagram and Twitter for the chance to win prizes to your favorite restaurants in the building. Register today!

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